The technology called Magic Shave offers the best solution to the problem of removing unwanted hair in different parts of the body.  This is a cosmetic product that is applied on the hair on the skin, weakening their structure so they can be easily scraped off. When the hairs are removed, the product which in the form of a cream, is also scraped off along with the hair leaving no traces of the cream that can cause some irritation or allergy to the skin.


The Advantages Of Magic Shave

While there are many ways to have unwanted hair removed, this cream is simply the best choice because of the many advantages in using this cosmetic preparation. First of all, it is very economical; with 6 ounces of the shaving cream costing less than three dollars.  This is very much cheaper than laser treatments, waxing or electric plucking. One does not have to go to barber or a salon to have his unwanted hair removed. He can apply the cream and remove the hairs right in his own home.  The process of removing hair is painless and does not require professional expertise. It is very easy to use that even first timers are able to accomplish the process.


Magic Shave: The Product With A Special Application

Magic ShaveThe facial hairs of persons with very curly hair like those of black men are difficult to manage. African American men experience problems when their shaven beard starts to grow back. Because the hairs are naturally curly, they bore right into skin surfaces and cause inflammation. The pieced skin becomes scarred with keloidal growths making the face unsightly to look at. It is very difficult to shave under such conditions since lubricating gels need to be applied before each shaving episode which is done every other day or every two days. To give relief to those suffering from this inconvenience, doctors recommend shaving chemicals like Magic Shave which dissolve the growing hairs before they are easily scraped off.


No Need For Razors And Shavers

The cream contains thioglycolate which is the active material responsible for weakening the hair so it can be easily scraped off.  There is no need to use a razor or shaver since the hair can be scraped by any flat and hard plastic material. Unwanted hairs on the arms and legs can be easily removed as well as those on the back and breast. The good thing about using the product is that there is practically no waiting time for the product to work. A few minutes after applying the product, one can easily remove the hairs from the area of the body where the product was applied.


Use Some Precautions When Using The Product

Magic ShaveWhen using the product, one must be careful not to let the product stay on the skin for a long time as it may cause some irritation. Avoid using the product on skin surfaces that have abrasions or sores. If used as directed, Magic Shave can methodically remove unwanted hairs and prevent any inflammations from erupting on the skin surfaces.